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The New Name, The Hidden Manna And The New Body
Jumat 8 Juli, 2005 by Vinworth Dayal

Thy Whole Body Shall Be Full Of Light
Minggu 11 Juli, 1993 by Vinworth Dayal

Gifts, Administrations And Operations In The Body Of Christ
Rabu 1 Mei, 2002 by Vinworth Dayal

The Twins In The Bride's Body (Chennai, INDIA Sun 09/12/12pm)
Rabu 12 Desember, 2012 by Vinworth Dayal

Feeding On The Unfailing Body Word Of The Son Of Man
Knowing The Son Of Man No More After The Flesh
Minggu 1 Maret, 2015 by Vinworth Dayal

Two Manner of People Have Been Separated From The Bride's Body
As Many Jacobs Have I Loved
Minggu 3 Oktober, 2010 by Vinworth Dayal

The Twins In The Bride's Body
The Profane Person Still Despises The Birthright
Minggu 19 September, 2010 by Vinworth Dayal

Singers & Musicians’ Fellowship [Nairobi, Kenya]
Gifts, Anointing & Ministry in the Body of Christ
Senin 18 Desember, 2017 by Vinworth Dayal

The Power Of True Unity
The Body Of Christ United Together, Where The Carcass Is Tither Will The Eagles Be Gathered Together
Jumat 2 November, 2018 by Vinworth Dayal

A Perfect Bride That Is Able To Bridle Their Whole Body
The Bride With The Wisdom From Above And Endued With The Knowledge Of God
Minggu 12 November, 2017 by Vinworth Dayal

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