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2001-05-13 Sun - Two Rains Produce A Mature Grain
2001-06-17 Sun - The Invasion Of The Locust Army
2001-08-05 Sun - The Law Of Vows
2001-08-10 Fri - The Realm of Certain Victory
2001-08-19 Sun - Thanksgiving Service Bro. Vin Dayal's 25th Anniversary
2001-09-09 Sun - When a Son is Not An Heir
2001-09-30 Sun - The Day When The Towers Fell (Betrothal of Bro Abeo Cudjoe & Sis Audrian)
2001-10-10 - Babylon Methods Of Destruction
2001-11-11 Sun - The Nature in History Repeats Itself
2001-11-25 - The True Cause Of The Present Trouble
2001-12-09 Sun - Evil Counselors Behind The White House Throne
2001-12-16 - The Age Of The Inquisition
2001-12-17 Fri - Funeral Service Of Bro Carl De Souza
2001-12-23 Sun -The Anointing of Jehu
2001-12-30 Sun - The Royal Seed Hidden In The House Of God

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